Rhetorical Analysis Of Ben Stein's Birds And Bees

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Rhetorical Analysis of “Birds and Bees…” Renowned economist and lawyer, Ben Stein, in “Birds and Bees? No, Let’s Talk about Dollars and Cents” presents critical advice to his eleventh grade son named tommy. Stein discourses standard of living, financial success, and applicable traits as part of his purpose throughout his essay. The diction in the piece, helps Stein achieve his persuasive goal and aids in synthesizing a proper tone. He fabricates a weighty tone in order to convey to readers that capital is earned through determination and commitment and is not given. Lastly, he builds his credentials from the stories and family history. In the text, Stein’s diction, tone, and ethos effectively conveys his point. An element Stein exercises to convey his point is the use of diction. He uses a specific diction at different parts in the letter to spark a reaction or thoughts from the audience. The beginning refers to the subject as “thoughts about money”, and gradually acclimated the reader into the serious topic of “capital in this society”. In doing this, the author is able to create an effective foundation, and then build upon it during the letter. Stein talks about how his grandfather “converted his intelligence, education, and connections- into financial capital:”. Towards the end of the letter he reaches deeper into “human capital” and purposes the…show more content…
Ben Stein was effective in his persuasive goal throughout “Birds and Bees…”. During his letter, to his son, he utilizes three main strategies to convey the purpose. He uses the evolution of his diction to introduce the subject, then allows it to evolve itself. Stein then sets up a deliberate and weighty tone in hopes the reader would take his ideas on capital success seriously. Lastly, he uses ethos to build his credibility, and build the reliability of the text itself. After using these three devices, Stein created a letter that achieves his overall goal of persuading his audience about capital

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