Rhetorical Analysis Of Bermuda Triangle

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Discourse Analysis and Rhetoric The two articles, The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle and The Truth about Bermuda Triangle, present a strong analysis of viewpoints by strongly using rhetorical appeals as well as rhetoric devices. The articles are meant for general readership and as such a simple and non-technical language is utilized which make the articles easily understood by the general public. The stand point of the two articles is similar and is almost presented in the same manner with the authors debunking the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle by digging holes in the evidence fronted in support of the mystery. The strong use of rhetorical appeals makes the stand point of the articles convincing to the readers. The two articles make use of rhetoric appeals in a generous manner. Starting with the article The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, the second and third paragraphs are used to show readers that the Bermuda Triangle is truly a mystery. This is done by author citing when the term first came into light and how it has been discussed so far. The fourth paragraph cites the various attempts made by various scholars to explain the Bermuda Triangle. Thus the second, third and fourth paragraphs are used to establish the credibility of the topic – that is the ethos appeal. This is quite timely, because it helps to capture the interest of the readership taking into consideration that the first paragraph is a very short introductory paragraph. After establishing credibility of

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