Rhetorical Analysis Of Bernie Sanders's Real Change

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After eight years of presidency, Obama’s administration is finally coming to an end. The issue returns to who will succeed him - a democrat or a republican? Currently, the mid-primary elections are taking place to determine who the most suitable candidate is, with Bernie Sanders trailing Hillary Clinton to become the democratic nominee. Due to his emphasis on economic reform and narrowing the income gap in the United States, Sanders targets the working class through his goals of redistributing wealth. He also appeals to families by pushing for free nationwide college tuition, which would relieve some of the financial burden laid on parents and guardians. By making the bold claim that he can make “real change” with his policies, Sanders shows the citizens of the United States that he is the most suitable candidate for presidency.…show more content…
His primary goal is to redistribute wealth by addressing the inequality caused by Wall Street. By providing background information about Sanders, the ad also highlights his achievements in the past, including his experience with fighting for social change and civil rights. Now, however, he focuses mainly on the economy. He believes that most problems in the country are caused by the polarization of wealth, and his economic reform policies geared towards addressing this issue. By conveying the sense that Sanders is a common folk, the ad suggests that he is representative and understands most American citizens’ beliefs and
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