Rhetorical Analysis Of Bo Burnham's Make Happy

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Bo Burnham unknowingly started his career by uploading comedy videos to youtube at just sixteen years old. Years later after those videos went viral, he is now one of the most talented comedians who has changed the idea of comedy in the modern age by using his theater background and satire in his writing. Through his work in comedy with the rhetorical device satire, Bo Burnham analyzes important social issues such as social media, behavior accepted in society, modern music, and religion which simultaneously reveals societies faults regarding the mentioned matters.
At one point during Bo Burnham’s second comedy special, “Make Happy”, a satirical introspective monologue shows you the true meaning behind the show in which he reflects and explains
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In order to address such a serious topic like religion, the use of satire works as a tool to help him express his opinion. Without having knowledge of Bo’s heavy use of irony, the audience could confuse him of being irreverent towards serious topics such as religion, especially in his song “From the Perspective of God” where he says “You argue and you bicker and you fight, atheists and catholics , jews and hindus argued day and night, over what they think is true, but no one entertains the thought that maybe God does not believe in you”. Throughout the song, Bo is mocking how some people think of God, an example being the previous quote where it can be viewed as him trying to prove that the idea of no one being right about the idea God is a reasonable answer. When he sings “You make my job a living hell, I sent gays to fix overpopulation, boy did that go well” from the perspective of God again, he could be mistaken for being irreverent again from someone without prior knowledge of how Bo writes his comedic songs. By using this type of method of writing, Bo is trying to make his audience find a different perspective with religious stereotypes. As result of trying to change people’s perspective, Bo is also trying to make aware the fact that society has
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