Analyzing Brutus's Speech In 'Julius Caesar'

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Brutus 's speech: Brutus speaks to the people of rome why he killed caesar so they will not turn on him. He talked about how he didnt kill him because he didn 't love him but because it was for the better of rome. He also tells the people of rome that letting caesar become king would mean the government type would change and all the wars and hard work his family had put into the government would go away. He also states, for the welfare of rome that he would die for rome if rome demands his death Rhetorical devices: Brutus used questions, logos, parallelism, and pathos to stir the people of rhome. Question- “ who is so base, that would not be a roman”?- this makes his argument better because it get the people of rome to think. The people answer the same question the way he wants them to. Question- “Had you rather caesar were living, and die all slaves, than caesar were dead, to live all free men? Act 3 page 48- Brutus shows the people of he killed caesar so they would be treated like slaves be free people of rhome. Because caesar…show more content…
After bringing out Caesar 's Dead body. Describing what a honorable man his was. And showing them how brutal his killing was. In act three the people are angered and overwhelmed the people kill an innocent man simply because he had the same name as one of the conspirators cinna . the complete chaos ensures rhom may not look seem like a positive reaction to antony 's speech but it is in fact what he wants which is shown through soliloquy through the lack of almost no reaction to brutus logical and ineffective speech it is obvious that antony 's speech is more effective over the people of rome as speeches as a whole this shows that emotional appeal causes a much bigger reaction than logic and reason. Also showing the power of words and how they can turn people into believing
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