Rhetorical Analysis Of Burger King

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Introduction Burger King is a fast food chain that originated in the United States, serving hamburgers with a side of french fries. As well known as Burger King is, their marketing team is always trying new ways of advertising their burgers. In 2009 this Burger chain ran an advertisement throughout Singapore that created a lot of controversy, but not for the effectiveness. Rather, for the imagery used. It depicts a woman with mouth wide open, with Burger King’s new hamburger right in front of her implying an action of oral sex. Through this advertisement, Burger King uses these explicit visions of a burger to evoke appealing feelings towards some, yet conflicting, disturbed feelings to others. The information coming afterwards regarding the burger itself draws in readers that for a price you can experience the same pleasure as the woman depicted. Ethos Advertisements are understood to be effective by using three different rhetorical devices. Ethos is the used to help make the…show more content…
To employ this, a proper argument based on reason will be present. This argument must not be subject to debate as it will be backed by numerous principles. Said principles can be identified as such, facts, clues, statistics, testimonies, witnesses, and even common sense. Case in point Burger king chooses to employ sexual clues through a product, these clues are not to be considered subliminal, instead the viewer must analyze how the meal is being depicted through its placement, and textual innuendos. The rhetor’s intentions are to conclude that the burger in question will be as good as the sexual act illustrated. This conclusion will be called to by way of common sense, the advertisement has no wish to educate the viewer on the various innuendos but more so to use the viewer’s own logical thinking to reach this

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