Rhetorical Analysis Of Caesar Chavez's Speech

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Freedom Throughout the world people are fighting day and night for their lives. But the people that fight using their words instead of spilling blood are the soldiers. And the speeches that I used in this essay do exactly that. And instead of being like others that only want violence they used words to potraty their emotions.In the speech “I Had A Dream”by martin luther king, king fights for black rights and freedom without violence unlike others at that time.Caesar chavez like king in his speech common wealth address chavez fights for hispanic rights and didnt resorte to violence instead stood up and spoke.And in the Speech Nobel peace by malala youzafzais she fights and argues that eduction around the world needs to be fixed and needs to be beter, SHe also protests about womens right and how they are treated around the world after being shot in the head by the talib but still survived and inspired her to write her award winning speech.In Martin Luther king Jr, Caeser chave…show more content…
And he uses pathos to show that.”Babies born to migrant workers suffer 25 percent higher mortality rate than usual”(10).Chavez talks about babies because who doesn't love babies. And this is a use of pathos because it is making the audience feel bad. ANd chavez is questioning the authority by showing them that kids are dying because their not taking any action. Chavez also talks about how hispanics are fighting for their dignity,”THe union's Survival is its very existence sent out a signal to all hispanics that we were fighting for our dignity, that we were challenging and overcoming injustice”(36).Chavez refers to logos in this quote showing that we can overcome them and fight. And logos is also used by referring to empowerment and he questions the authority by empowering the hispanics and telling them not to give
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