A Rhetorical Analysis Of Caroline Paul

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Rhetorical Analysis of Caroline Paul
“Why do we teach girls that it 's cute to be scared”

An American writer of fiction and nonfiction Caroline Paul, In her article “Why do we teach girls that it 's cute to be scared” Published 2016 on New York Times on implies how girls are raised and treated differently than boys. Paul 's purpose is to convey the way girls are approached differently from boys simply because the way they are raised and seen. The author starts building creativity with her own personal experience with the question she was always asked “Aren’t you scared?” and by citing convincing facts from sources; nevertheless , Towards the end of the article, Caroline Paul answers the question herself “Aren’t you scared?” as one of the first woman working as a firefighter for the fire deparment of San Francisco the author was often approached with this question and Paul herself said “I was often scared. Of course I was. So were the men” (Paul Caroline).
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Girls and Boys both have fears but yet the girls are the ones who are most likely to be approached with the question : weren 't you scared? The author asked a mother how she treated her children and she said: “she cautioned her daughter much more than her son.” Caroline Paul states “girls are less likely than boys to try challenging physical activities” do to the fact how girls are raised. Taking risks is important and nobody 's saying injuries are good but girls are supposed to be treated and raised
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