Rhetorical Analysis Of Chronicle Of Higher Education By Marty Nemko

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The author of this essay, Marty Nemko, has worked in both career and educational counseling, as well as writing as a columnist. His has firsthand experience with not only university presidents, but also a wide range of the students. Knowing he’s worked with the area he is writing about, may led some credibility to his ethos. However, he may have a personal stake in writing this piece because he has written several books concerning educational psychology and its related issues. He even directly says in this essay “…data I used for my book, How to Get an Ivy League Education at a State University.” As a reader, while I trust is experience and expertise in the topic area, I also recognize the benefits Nemko could have derived from writing a piece such as this one.…show more content…
The Chronicle of Higher Education is a newspaper and magazine that is read mainly by university faculty and administrators. The intended audience of this piece should be graduating high school seniors and their parents, and even current college students. By appearing in the periodical that it did, this essay is merely telling a lot of people that the establishments they work for are doing everything wrong and being misleading. Telling an entire subscribed base of readers that their jobs are conniving, taking money from students and providing little value in return, was a disadvantage. I feel as though this essay would have done much better in a magazine or journal that would easier reach students, parents, or high school guidance counselors because they would directly benefit from being aware of the information
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