Rhetorical Analysis Of Coach Carter

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The movie “Coach Carter” was based off of a true story. It was written by Samuel L. Jackson directed by Thomas Carter. A California high school basketball coach puts school grades above sports. His purpose is because he went against that success for young adults is achieved through the world of sports than the classroom. Being successful was to be a good role model and that is what the movie “Coach Carter” is all about. The beginning of the movie is a main point. Ken Carter was once a sports star at Richmond high school, a businessman and in the military. He wanted to take on the role of being an unpaid basketball coach. The coach thought he could change the out of control athletes. At the beginning he got their attention. He set new rules …show more content…

He shows the use of ethos by including some experiences to prove his point. He also shows ethos by having a good character and having determination to get individuals to succeed with good grades and not only sports and hopes to join college. The speech that Cruz one of the individuals gives would appeal to ethos as well. He refers to his experiences and tells how “he can shine and is not afraid to be who he can be”. Throughout the movie some parts appeal to emotion or pathos. Some parts show fear like when coach is giving them talks, and the forfeit of games. Some show about having pride and doing good. It even shows emotion when the student athletes gain confidence in themselves. Makes you feel that way. (carter) In one part of the movie Cruz gives a speech. He says “Everyone is meant to shine and once we do others will notice and do the same” (Carter). I think this pulls people’s attention. It shows how we as a person want to succeed in life and be the role model to others. The coach’s actions mainly appeal to logos. He does things that makes the viewers think about the situation. He points out the reason his option about being successful is more than just “winning” a sports game. His speeches appeal to logos. They make people think about why making good grades and getting into college

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