Rhetorical Analysis Of Columbia Tragedy Speech

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Multi-Paragraph Essay On February 1, 2008, the Columbia Space Shuttle disintegrated while re-entering Earth’s atmosphere, resulting in the fatalities of all seven crew members. The families of these members, as well as all of America, were struck with anguish and heartbreak. With these feelings, the nation looked for a leader to guide them with understanding and authority. In his “The Space Shuttle Columbia Tragedy” speech to the nation, George W. Bush utilized diction and tone, organization, and rhetorical appeals in order to accomplish his purpose of soothing a mourning nation while anticipating the future. First, the speaker uses word choice and tone in order to soothe the heroes’ families. For example, he says, “Because of their courage, and daring, and idealism, we will miss them all the more.” With this quote, Bush emphasizes on the fallen astronauts’ courage, creating a tone of grief in missing the heroes, but also a feeling of pride in that the deaths were not in vain. Also, he continually uses the word “we” creating unity within the nation during the grieving process. This is essential so that the families of the astronauts feel as if they are surrounded and supported with comfort and understanding by the population.…show more content…
For example, the speech begins with stating the terrible tragedy that had occurred, allowing grief. However, as the speech continues, Bush emphasizes on the bravery of the heroes and states that their legacy will only further the cause that they were all hoping to contribute to. Finally, Bush presents scripture, in order to soothe the families and force them to look into the future of God’s greater purpose. With the organization of his speech, George W. Bush, successfully conveys open feelings of grief in a consoling manner while also encouraging the audience to look to the
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