Rhetorical Analysis Of Donald Trump Address

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Donald Trump opening moment at republic national convention had powerful conviction that radiated with the audience. On July 21, 2016, he focused on the foundation of what makes the audience established their rapport towards GOP, known as Grand Old Party or republicans. Moreover, he demonstrate on how to use the current dynamics of the United States relationship with politics and laws to strength his position in discussing social structure of the country. To illustrate, attacks on the police force must be withdrawal to bring prosperity to the nation, and bring united front to fighting terrorism that is “lurking” in our own background to defend the country from foreign enemies or domestic enemies. Trump core message, however may be lost in translation, because of the dialog use during the speech to describe the Democratic Party.…show more content…
He on the other hand attack the Democratic Party by devaluing their views, having antithetical viewpoints that were conflicting in supporting generosity towards others as comrades. Democracy is allowing organizations or individuals to express themselves on platform that brings unification to a country. Donald Trump attack his main rivals in manner that they did not know the true meaning of law or order, to fight corruption in all forms we must respect our fellow citizens or potential advisers from other party. To have strong government, our presidential candidate Donald Trump must embrace all his competitors as possible wisdom in progressing towards the future. Additionally, during the speech three criteria were shown which were logic, emotion, and ethics, or otherwise known as logos, ethos, along with
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