Rhetorical Analysis Of Donald Trump's Decisive Speech

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January 20th 2017 marked the day that president elect Donald Trump took his oath to office. Perhaps one of the most controversial electoral processes in the history of the United States’ presidency, the possible implications of Donald Trump’s leadership will most likely make this one for the history books. His speech seemed surprisingly reasonable, astonishingly efficient, and very impactful in comparison to what many were expecting from him, because of the negative and possible detrimental image he has created in the minds of many Americans. Regardless, Donald Trump delivered a strong, decisive speech using unifying diction, well directed symbolism and varied syntax. Trump’s primary goal was to identify himself more intricately with the…show more content…
He could speak various sentences at a time or say long complicated ones like the one quoted in the previous paragraph, but he could also have one short sentence just as powerful. “We will make America wealthy again. We will make America proud again. We will make America safe again.” are all examples of very short sentences that are loaded of rhetorical strategies and ideas that facilitate he get his point across. “We will not fail. Our country will thrive and prosper again.”, sentences like these provide security, because they make him and his promises seem assertive. Furthermore, regardless of your political ideologies or preferences, Trump delivered a well thought out and written speech in which he addressed many of the country’s current situations with assertiveness and security. Many of his promises did not seem irrational or even farfetched, and you might have even been convinced that his government was going to work for the people. Either way, his word choice, his symbolism, and his sentence structure were all tools he used in order to get his points across more efficiently and deliver an overall better
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