Rhetorical Analysis Of Dr. Gregory House

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Rhetorical Analysis: House
The following quote taken from FOX’s popular TV series House perfectly exemplifies the attitude of Dr. Gregory House, “…You wouldn’t believe the crap people let me get away with.” When considering American’s attitudes toward doctors, behavioral schemas, and the social cognitive theory; this popular medical/investigative drama series reinforces the idea to a large viewership that gifted individuals are above the consequences which would otherwise apply to everyone else. Dr. Gregory House is the main character in House which airs on Fox television networks and can be also viewed on Netflix. The physician is not your typical bleed-heart caring doctor. Rather, he comes across as insensitive and always sarcastic. His redeeming trait is the ability to correctly diagnose seemingly any medical quandary. Dr. House oversees an elite team of diagnosticians at the prestigious Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital. Each episode portrays Dr. House partaking in outlandish and childish behaviors which are overlooked by his colleges because Dr. House always ends up solving the puzzle of the mysterious ailment. The show most likely draws a rather
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Humans observe other models that will prompt the observer to engage in the learned behavior (Bandura). Thus, viewers of the television show are witnessing the actions of illegal drug use but rather than facing realistic consequences; viewers see that not only will your best friend come to your aid but your boss will also bail you out of trouble. The show portrays these rescuers as respected doctors. Based on the schema and the Social Cognitive Theory, the actions of these enablers to cover up the illegal actions of Dr. House will be accepted by the millions of viewers that watch the show. Therefore, the television series House is reinforcing the idea to a large number of Americans that gifted people like Dr. House are above the

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