Rhetorical Analysis Of Eating Lobster

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Most people don't know that eating food releases a sensation in the brain, and thats why people are so quick to fall in love with food. A food that has consistently wowed people with its delicate taste is the Maine lobster. Although many people enjoy it as a meal it has continued to cause controversy because of its inhumane way of being cooked. In 2004 David Foster Wallace argued that those who eat lobster overlook that it is a living creature “Consider the Lobster”. Throughout the article Wallace used rhetorical techniques to argue his point. Wallace's argument becomes more clear when looking at his word choice because it exemplifies that the public is objective rather than when eating lobster . Also within to build his argument Wallace uses a tone that conveys constant irony, with the purpose of over exaggerating how normal eating lobster is. The last rhetorical device Wallace uses is that he appeals to the audience’s logic when structuring his…show more content…
In his quote “Now, of course, lobster is posh, a delicacy, only a step of two down from caviar.” (Wallace, 55) Wallace in ensuring the audience that everyone in society is on the same page when it comes to eating lobster. But actually what this quote does is exhibit irony because of the oozing confidence in the statement , which provokes the audience to ask the question “Everyone eats lobster, don't they?” Later in his article Wallace added to the ironic tone when using the quote “But they are themselves good eating” (Wallace, 55) In that quote he was practically suggesting that lobsters taste so good so everyone should eat them without thinking twice. Where what he was really saying was “Hey their good eating. Right?”, which adds to his argument because it shows that people don't even associate lobster with life they just associate it with being delicious

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