Rhetorical Analysis Of Eating Too Much Sugar May Be Killing You

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In the article from USA Today, “Eating too much added sugar may be killing you,” Nanci Hellmich expresses that consuming more than the advised limit of sugar has destructive effect on health. Hellmich states that the foods we ingest can contain more sugar than we thought. She defends her claim by exploring a multitude of experiments, presenting statistics, and addressing a quantity of researchers and organizations. Hellmich writes it in an informative tone for readers that desire to know how sugar intake is deadly. She confirms it by stating the variety of foods that are full of sugar and how much of those foods we intake. In order to inform readers about the consequences of excessive sugar intake, Hellmich elucidates using the numerous statistics. For example, she demonstrates the results found on a wide range experiment through precise illnesses caused by too much sugar. Hellmich is effective in warning readers of superfluous amounts of sugar because of the credible…show more content…
I enjoyed the first sentence, “Sugar not only makes you fat it may be killing you,” due to its bluntness and harshness to readers. Not only does it get straight to the point, this accusation informs that fat is not the only thing to worry about. The variety of statistics presented in bullet points gives interest to the reader’s eyes as it is different from the lines of words in paragraph after paragraph. I also believe that this portion allows readers to really “pick out” the information. I would like to know however why honey is bad for the health. It is a natural type of sugar, and is proven to help the immune system whenever we are sick. The fragment on fruits was a nice touch as the reader has read nothing but sugary drinks instead of foods to eat instead. In conclusion, Nanci Hellmich has written her article accurately with an informative flare that sparks the reader’s curiosity. She also gives valid information that supports her

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