Rhetorical Analysis Of Egg Head

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“A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives” this quote by Jackie Robinson reminds me of an article I recently read by Kathryn Jean Lopez titled “Egg Head”. In this article she uses rhetorical situations and strategies as a way to persuade and inform her readers, young women of the dangers of IVF (in-vitro fertilization). By using pathos, ethos, logos and the STAR method I will explain how Lopez expressed her views on the situation.

Pathos refers to emotions, creating a response out of your feelings. Kathryn Jean Lopez makes a statement about her concerns. For example “They risk bleeding, infection, and scarring. When too many eggs are matured in one cycle it can damage the ovaries and leave the donor with weeks of abdominal pain”. As well as “There is also some evidence of a connection between the fertility drugs used in the process and ovarian cancer”. I see that she is attempting to use logos to persuade the audience into believing that IVF is dangerous and that the donors are uneducated or unaware of the full risk factors associated with egg donation. Unfortunately she is unsuccessful in the aspect of logos but successful in pathos. In this statement it seems as if she is making a claim without offering proof to support her
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By which Lopez is an awards winning opinionated journalist that gave numerous examples of medical consequences of IVF throughout her article for example cancer. T-stands for Typical. In which she referred to the traditional family life being threaten by modern day science of a new way to conceive. A -stands for Accurate. An example can be used when she states the going rates for donating eggs is between $35,000 – $50,000, which is a good amount of money for college students these days. R -stands for Relevant. Which I feel Lopez could have cited her information about facts clearer and current (meaning within the last five years) in the body of her
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