Rhetorical Analysis Of Emma Watson

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Emma Watson is a british actress best known for her roles in the Harry Potter franchise films as iconic character Hermione Granger. She is also a famous model for many companies but, more importantly she is a role model to not only women but men all over the world. She is activist, feminist and the goodwill ambassador for UN women. She believes she was very fortunate in her life and wants to speak out and make a difference in all women and men’s lives. Emma is a feminist, and very proud to be one. She believes that just because you were born a daughter doesn’t mean that you should be less privileged than men but both genders be treated equally and fairly in all countries.

Emma Watson is a very strong women and she has every right to speak out about her opinions on feminism and any other topic on gender rights. In her speech she is definitely attempting to persuade men and women to become feminists. She stresses that the actual word “feminist” can be
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She is a very public figure in the media and people see her opinions as credible. She delivers her speech in emotional way that shows you she really cares about what she is talking about. Emma also uses logic in her speech with statistics and real facts in the subject of feminism. Watson has used ethos,pathos and logos to persuade to see her point of view and does it in a compelling way that shows us that she truly cares about what she's talking about.

Emma’s speech was delivered calmly and effortlessly, she really knew what she was speaking about and expressed in a smooth way. She shows passion and heart in all the words that she is speaking about. It can be very tough to speak in front of such a large audience but she did it in a way that really showed she practiced it thoroughly. Overall she did an outstanding job and I believe she influenced many people to think and talk about the topic of
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