Rhetorical Analysis Of Everything I Have Ever Written By Cisneros

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She discusses that she writes for her father and people who are just like like him. Cisneros says, “My father represents, then, the public majority. A public who is disinterested in reading, and yet one whom I am writing about and for, and privately trying to woo” (367). She is saying that the majority in our society are people who are disinterested in reading culture because technology is taking over. Although she still tries to woo her father even though her works do not impress him. She used shorter sentences and simple vocabulary in order to make it easier for her audience to understand. She also demonstrates that simple sentences can have a more profound meaning because of the events leading up to them. Moreover, she uses imagery by using details such as "hot…show more content…
“Everything I have ever written has been for him, to win his approval even though I know my father can’t read English words.” (367). Cisneros used pathos because the audience feels sympathetic towards her. They can see the desperation in her words as she begs for her father’s approval. Even though her father cannot understand English, she tries extremely hard to succeed and impress her father. Her style of writing is similar to writing for a younger audience. She makes her points written in an easy to understand manner. Ten years after writing professionally, the reward finally paid off. After having one of her stories translated to Spanish, her father finally got the chance to read her works, laughing and reading. When he was done reading he asked her: "Where can we get more copies of this for the relatives?"(368) This really touched her audience because it seemed to touch her deep in a place in her heart and she conveyed it well in her writing style. The audience feels the optimistic tone Cisneros uses when her father loved her writing. She finally accomplished her main goal of getting acceptance from her father. This expresses that he is proud of her and the conflict
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