Feed SA Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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Around the world, there are thousands of starving children that seem to go unnoticed daily. Shoppers are constantly in the supermarket filling their carts with hundreds of dollars’ worth of groceries for their family’s without thinking of those in need. In 2008, a remarkable shopping cart ad was released which depicts a distraught young African American child reaching up to the shopper begging for help to save him from starvation. Feed SA, a charitable organization which helps the poverty-stricken across the county has designed a striking ad to bring attention to just how easy donating can be. The effectiveness of this ad is due to the powerful rhetorical appeals to pathos in which it implements. The main to feelings that come from this ad are sadness and guilt. The ad is in the bottom part of the…show more content…
If someone goes shopping and spends hundreds of dollars on items and don’t donate, that says something about who they are as a person. While shopping a constant reminder is right there. A sad, innocent, starving, child stares up begging for someone to help. While the shopper may be well-off or struggling to put groceries on the table for their family, they then realize that there is someone out there who has it much worse. Shoppers who may not be very eager to donate begin to see how ignoring this world problem makes reflects on them as a person. Feed SA did an amazing job constructing this ad by striking the hearts of viewers through pathos. Bold images of the child and the dark background brings sadness and seriousness which is the feeling of this ad. The way an ad makes a person feel is the main factor in the person putting money into something. Feed SA created an effective ad in which tugged at the heart of shoppers by choosing a target audience and knowing how to strike them emotionally. Hopefully for years to come more ads as powerful as this one will be created to put an end to child
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