Rhetorical Analysis Of Finding Nemo

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Emily Montes de Oca Professor Donaldson SPC 3230 June 14, 2016 Rhetorical Analysis: Finding Nemo Disney movies are really well known for teaching kids valuable life lessons in a way that they could understand. Finding Nemo teaches the importance of family and how to face your fears for those that you love. The movie focuses on two fish, Marlin and Dory trying to find Marlins lost son Nemo after fishermen took him. Since Nemo is the only family Marlin has he is very protective over him, and before he was born he grabbed on to, what was only just an egg at the time and said, “I will never let anything happen to you”. Marlins biggest fear is loosing the only person he has left, and once he does, something like coming face to face with a shark …show more content…

There is a specific scene in the movie where its Nemo’s first day of school, you can tell through the tone of his voice and the facial expressions that he is making that his is very excited to finally be going to school, his dad Marlin on the other had is dreading having his only son go to school. Nemo at one point slips out of the anemone and you automatically see the change of facial expressions in Marlin. He quickly gets up to make sure his son is ok and starts frantically asking him questions, mind you nothing is wrong with Nemo but this the first encounter between the two and you automatically see how protective he is for his son. Another great example of great dialogue and facial expressions is when he finds out that the kids are going to “The Drop-off” with their class. He gets frantic starts making comments like “are you insane?” and “we might as well fry them up now and serve them with chips!” The drop off commonly known for open water which is where fishermen take their boats to fish. This is also the area where Nemo gets taken by a scuba diver. Another example of this is when Marlin and Dory are on the hunt to find Nemo and a whale eats them. While they are in the whale’s mouth you can hear Marlin heavily breathing and he is frantically swimming up and down trying to find a way out. Something so simple as the sound of heavy breathing can completely change the mood of the scene and will make you understand the fear they are going through. After fighting for their lives trying to get out, they finally make it out and you can see the dramatic change of emotions while Marlin starts to laugh and

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