Rhetorical Analysis Of Frethorne's 'Enemy'

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Firstly, Roger uses the rhetorical appeal to pathos to appeal to the humanity of his parents. He tells his parents that there is “much sicknes, as the scurvie and the bloody flix, and divers other diseases, wch maketh the bodie very poore, and Weake” (Frethorne, p1). In addition, he also says that they “live in feare of the Enimy” (Frethorne, p1). The “Enemy” that Frethorne speaks about is the Native Americans. This particular colony did not have a good relationship with their native neighbors, and the colony “haue had a Combate with them [The Natives] on the Sunday before Shrovetyde [the beginning of Lent]” (Frethorne, P1). He also adds that “wee are but 32 to fight against 3000 if they should Come” (Frethorne, p1) All of this together adds
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