Rhetorical Analysis Of Gatorade

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Dywane Wade This advertisements claim is that if someone drinks Gatorade, he or she will be as athletic as Dwayne Wade. The ad is persuasive because Dwayne Wade is one of the most athletic and skilled basketball players in the NBA, and he drinks Gatorade, so others feel that if they drink Gatorade that in return they will be just as athletic. Most people may not believe the ad to that extent, however they will at least realize the fact that if a professional athlete is using the product it must be a good decision. Gatorade made the advertisement effective because of its logical appeal, and since Dwayne Wade is a well known basketball player, and he drinks Gatorade other athletes may feel the need to as well. The color red is used a lot in this advertisement. The color red gives off both aggression and energy. However, this particular ad would still…show more content…
There are limits to the claim, because not every person that drinks Gatorade is going to be as athletic or have the same skills as Dwayne Wade. The ad says that the company has a lot of celebrity endorsers, and that most athletes support and use their product. It uses the Celebrity Spokesperson persuasive technique. This technique is when a company uses a celebrity or famous person to endorse their product. It makes the consumers transfer their admiration or respect for the celebrity to the product. I found this ad online just searching through Google Images, but I’m sure this is used in Sports Illustrated magazines or some magazine of that type. Any type of magazine that people who watch or play sports look at, would have this ad in it. This ad could be included in a section of the magazine for people of any age. It would be great in any type of magazine and would probably be located near an article that talks about basketball since it uses a professional basketball player in the
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