Rhetorical Analysis Of George W Bush 9/11 Speech

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After the 9/11 attacks, America was devastated and distraught. America was in need of a leader. We needed someone to take us in and protect us, to make us feel safe again. George W. Bush (our president at this time) acted as our protector. He comforted America with his sympathetic words, but also managed to bring forth fear to the terrorist. His speech that was broadcasted to the entire world highlighted everything America needed at this time of grief, and will forever be remembered. In the introduction of Bush’s speech, he describes the despicable acts of terror our country witnessed that day. Bush shows his compassion for those affected by the attacks. He knew he could not repair what had been done, but he knew we could fight back. The speech focuses on the fact that these terrorist attacks were out of pure evil. Bush wanted to make sure that America, along with the rest of the world, still had a fight and a drive in them. He wanted us to feel safe and protected. As he continues on, the American people hear what he has done and what will be done to…show more content…
One example he used is “ America was targeted for attack because we’re the brightest beacon for and opportunity.” This is logos because America was attacked because the U.S known for our freedom and opportunities which makes us a huge target. Even though he did not give many examples of Logos, this did not take away from his speech at all. By balancing the amount of pathos and ethos, logos were not needed. A speech like this with many different depths brought many people to emotions that were indescribable. Bush’s leadership shown through his words was a powerful experience. The amount of pathos, ethos, and logos had every American on the same page. This atrocious day is always remembered for the lives lost and the grief our nation experienced, just as Bush’s speech is always remembered for his guidance and leadership shown through his moving
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