Rhetorical Analysis Of 'Green Toledo Blade' By Keith Burris

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Green Toledo 2015 Keith Burris, a journalist for the Toledo Blade, came to Lords University to discuss his ideas and comments on a green Toledo. He expressed his perspective of Toledo’s environmental issues. His prevalent topics caught the audience’s attention, wanting to truly understand the multiple injustices to nature going on around us. Keith Burris began his talk by explaining what he likes to write about as a journalist. He tries to focus on the “heroes of the city,” meaning the citizens that deserve attention for the right reasons. Developing depth for his readers in his ultimate goal. Not wanting to be counterintuitive he strives “tell something new,” with every article he writes. His latest articles steam from the idea that Toledo needs of be more environmental friendly.…show more content…
His first bullet was labeled, “Water,” bringing up the water crisis that occurred in Toledo last summer. Burris believes that the crisis blew up because their were no real expertise from the mayor or the water plant on how to fix the problem. Ironically he points out that the local government has still not done anything since the crisis to prevent it in the future. The officials are not all on the same page with a single solution, so no movement is being made. Burris wants someone who knows what their doing to step in with executive order and solve this issue before its to late. He also briefly brought up the horror of the over polluted Lake Erie. “The lake is dying and we still haven't done anything. Think about what the loss of a lake morally means.” His bold sentences really helped the citizens who attended understand the passion he has for this moral issue. He believes the only way to save the lake is if a federal intervention
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