Rhetorical Analysis Of Hiroshima Bombing

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For my Rhetorical Analysis essay I chose the Hiroshima documentary that came out in 2005. Hiroshima is a city in Japan and it is best known for the horrifying event that occurred on August 6, 1945.After Japan launched a surprise attack in Pearl Harbor, the United States dropped two atomic Bombs in Japan. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the two cities that were either destroyed or effected by the bombs that the U.S dropped. This film shows what happened during the bombing and a little bit of the after affects. The people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were known as “The first ever victims of a nuclear attack”. The U.S nor japan wanted to give up in this war. The Japanese were taught to be reasy to die anytime. They actually when into the extremes of straopping a bomb to their chest and going underneath tanks in war.This film follows the stories of may survivors and also soilders that were involved in the bombing. As president Truman insisted that the Japanese should surrender, the U.S scientist were coming up with the 1st weapon of mass destruction. The way it was planned, was by having three main cities to bomb. They were ranked by how the weather is there. Hiroshima was first priority ,then Kokuro , and lastly, Nagasaki. Once they dropped the first bomb in Hiroshima , the clouds of smoke moved to Kokuro. Three days later, their plan B…show more content…
It is sad to say but the way the audience can relate is by fear. Even with the cheeto president that we have now, there is a possibility we might go to war. It is just scary to think that we are more advance in technology that there may be a bomb that can do more damage than the one that stroke Hiroshima. Now that the audience is captivated by pathos it is more likely that they understand the documentarians purpose. Which is to share and have their experience known across the
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