Rhetorical Analysis Of I Am Malala

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I Am Malala Rhetorical Analysis The novel “I Am Malala“ by Malala Yousafzai is the story of how she grew up and what lead her to fight for education and end up having a near death experience when getting shot by the Taliban.Malala’s main goal is for every child to have an education.Moreover,she was able to show the audience why everyone deserves an education by using ethos to develop her credibility for the cause,repetition to emphasize the need for a change,and powerful diction to describe the lives of those deprived of an education,her religion, and the Taliban.Using these rhetorical devices she was able to show the audience that every child should get an education. Malala comes from the patriarch country of Pakistan.In Pakistan women have no rights.Her country also mostly consists of Muslims.Growing up in Pakistan Malala’s country got invaded by the terrorist group known as the Taliban,who wanted strict Muslim laws enforced and wanted women to be isolated from things men can do including education.Being a girl Malala was at risk of losing her right to go to school because the Taliban would go to extreme forces to prohibit girls from going to school including bombing many schools.This is ethos because Malala had to grow up fighting to go to school and staying hidden by the Taliban.Malala knowing that girls in her country couldn’t get an
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