Rhetorical Analysis Of 'I Left To My Mother'

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Dialectical Journaling ( The focus of your final essay will be on rhetoric. These quotes and commentaries should be considered brainstorming. ) Quote & Citations Rhetorical Strategy (Refer to this list as needed.) Appeals to: (Highlight one) Commentary (3+ Objective sentences that explain how the rhetorical strategy identified is used and an analysis how that strategy appeals to the audience. ) “I went to my grandmother. My lips moved to make a confession, but the words stuck in my throat” (Jacobs 87). Sentimental Appeals Pathos Logos Ethos In this section, the rhetorical strategy that is shown here is sentimental appeals. This is because Linda uses her emotions to tell and show her readers how she couldn't get the words out of her mouth. When words can't get out, we start to get nervous or start feeling sometype of why were tears want to run down. Linda was going through this because she did not know how to tell her grandmother that she was pregnant and who was the father of the child. Linda could not talk and tell her grandmother the truth because she believed that her father was Mr. Flint. The strategy that appeals here is ethos. This is because the author developed ethos by demonstrating to readers that she is sympathetic to the struggles that she faced. “Every where men, women, and children were whipped…show more content…
Linda states this to often remind those cruel men that someone watches them do their evilness which might come right back to them. God will not forgive those evil mens for what they have done to innocent people. They believe that know knows of their cruelty, but they are wrong. The strategy that appeals here is pathos. This is because vivid descriptions are made which build an image in the reader's mind where they come to the conclusion that God sees every move. This is very realistic which makes the readers feel like God sees them or knows what they are

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