Rhetorical Analysis Of Isis Is Weak

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Rhetorical Analysis of ISIS Is Weak In the now viral video that came out three days after the Paris attacks which resulted in 130 murders and over 300 injuries, reporter Waleed Aly states, “ISIL is weak” this statement something most people have difficulty to accept due to recent events that have put most of the world, mainly the west in a state of fear. Aly continues to build his argument pointing out that even though ISIL claims responsibility for the attacks, its should be known this is a reoccurring tactic for them, they take credit for any attack done on western soil to appear bigger, tougher, and stronger than what they really are, they did the same when there were attacks in Canada, New York, and Australia. The reporter goes on to say that ISIL did not control their attackers, because according to their magazine, “it is important that the killing becomes attributed to patrons of the Islamic state who have obeyed its leadership. This can be easily done with anonymity.…show more content…
Throughout the video report he manages to call for action in hopes he builds several moments of persuasion in hopes that viewers act on his call for action. These moments of persuasion are not explicit, to identify these moments correctly the use of identification helped because it broke his argument into sections of who, what, when, and where the viewers should be identifying with and why they should be doing so. The use of frame of analysis was of help; it dissected how the information was being given in accordance to the intended inference. These rhetorical practices bettered the understanding of why this video became viral, it was not so much of the topic, it was more about its ability to make people reevaluate the situation and their standing or reaction to

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