Rhetorical Analysis Of James Jame's Ted Talk

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“They are preposterous.” One of the first things James Veitch says about spam emails encompasses his numerous adventures in replying to them. Yet their absurd nature is far from the only aspect of his lecture. This isn’t Jame’s first Ted Talk on replying to spam; he’s had multiple appearances on the ted talk stage and even more interactions with these spammers, which begs the question of what is his purpose for wanting to share his experiences in his Ted talks. He states how it's fun, and a way to get off the scammers spam. This leaves any higher purpose that underlies his talk vague and not upfront. He uses his humor and success in his replies to the spam to show people they don’t have to put up scams. He highlights the fact that these scammers prey on the weak and implores us to take a stand against them. He shows the silliness of these scammers plans and encourages even sillier responses to give them a dose of their own medicine. The exempts of his speech I will be analyzing are his use of humor to win over his audience. This includes the emails to and from the spam emailed, the logos pathos and ethos involved in these emails. As well as the…show more content…
Which could be it; his Ted Talk definitely falls under the entertainment category of the Technology, Entertainment and design categories. This seems to be intentional as his purpose is only seen through looking at the large picture of what he is trying to convey rather than looking at just the entertainment he provides. However there is more in it than that, the way he takes something as unpleasant and unwanted as spam emails and makes them fun highlights his whole purpose. He preys on the people that prey on the weak, and encourages us to do the same. With the benefit of having fun and no longer being spammed by these scammers as well as taking up their time from scamming people who might actually fall for their
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