Rhetorical Analysis Of Jamie Oliver

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As Jamie Oliver begins to deliver his presentation, there was a certain feeling inside of me that wondered where his speech was leading. He begins to talk and move simultaneously and I felt the passion being delivered by his body language and the tone of his voice. Jamie put every effort into ensuring that his listeners understood exactly what his intention were as he constantly talked about his passion for a nation providing consumers with a healthy selection of food products and schools educating the children with a knowledge of healthy food choices. He communicated in understandable terms the disgusting health condition and diseases that American citizen; industry profoundly advertise unhealthy food choice as if it is healthy for the…show more content…
His delivered with such a persuasion that caused me to understand, in a deeper sense, the devastation and deaths that caused by not having a healthy food diet. Jamie delivered his presentation with power and conviction as he acknowledges that he was not an American citizen; but he loved this nation and like the audience, he had children that should know the facts about food choices and how it affects longevity. He had statistic that identified the ranking of diseases that cause health problems and death due to unhealthy eating. Also, he displayed individuals who were obsessed and showed the type food they ate and also were feeding their family. Jamie persuaded and shared his vision by giving real time example of processes that can be used to obtain funds for education students in the school system; he stated that an additional $6000 is all that is required to support school programs to teach students healthy eating habits. Jamie showed non video a family that was obsessed and coached the Mother concerning better food choices for her children as she was the culprit of their bad eating habits. This example assisted in connecting with the audience on how bad food choices contribute to obesity and an early grave. The audience continually reacted positive to his approach and at times

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