Rhetorical Analysis Of John F. Kennedy's Address

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Have you ever listened to a speech fully but only remembered a few keywords or phrases? If so, it was most likely because the author employed rhetorical devices to put emphasis on said keywords and phrases. Using a mix of these techniques, he makes his purpose clear for delivering his speech: to ensure that the American people know that he will not be influenced by the Catholic Church during his presidency. During the Address to the Greater Houston Ministerial Association speech, Kennedy suggested that he believed in an America where church was separated from state, where there is no religious intolerance, and where no outside religious commands shall influence politicians. The organization of ideas used allows Kennedy to address America as a whole and then further target the election. In addition, Kennedy used formal, literal, and simple language to deepen and build the seriousness of his message and his rapport with the audience.…show more content…
Kennedy’s Address to the Greater Houston Ministerial Association influenced the American public by the use of parallel structure, climactic structure, and anaphora to further disclose that Kennedy’s intentions of office did not deal with religious
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