Rhetorical Analysis Of Legos

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Rhetorical Analysis Paper Outline The articles produced by Legos, GE, and Warners are all controversial in todays society. Back in the day these ads did not effect anyone because people back in the day were not so politically correct as they are today. Racism and shaming of anything was okay to do.Things since then have changed drastically and if these ads were published today The mass media would not take it lightly. These ads back when they were published would have definitely persuaded the audience to buy the promoted product. Legos is the name of the company that sells plastic building blocks known as “Legos”. The ad shows a picture of the World Trade Center after it was hit by two planes. It then says on the top corner “Rebuild it”…show more content…
Warners is a clothing company that is trying to advertise the "Concentrate Girdle" and "Little Fibber Bra".The ad shows a giant pear in the middle of the page and a skinny white woman laying down wearing the Fibber Bra and Concentrate Girdle. In the middle of the pear the Ad states that "This is no Shape for a girl". They are clearly saying that women should not have a curvy figure or be in any shape, way or form have any fat to them. The authors here are clearly trying to reach out to the thicker more curvy women out there. They're making them feel self conscious about their body and are encouraging them to be thinner because that's what society deems right. Back in the day this ad would have been taken lightly by a large amount of people. Thicker women obviously felt self conscious when seeing the Ad but that's what made them want to buy the product. This product was very uncontroversial. Not many people would have found this ad offensive. In today's society this Ad could work on some women but a lot of women would be upset about it and would probably have started a social media campaign to take down the company for body shaming. A lo en today are proud to be the people they have become and are perfectly fine with the way they look. For that reason this ad does an amazing job at the reaching the audience because it catches the readers eye and it even has a very bold statement to go with
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