Rhetorical Analysis Of Letter From Birmingham Jail

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King first shows the intended audience why exactly he is writing this letter then builds on his previous experiences and intentions. In very first paragraph he says that because of the criticisms that the clergyman wrote were “sincerely set forth”(214) that he decided to write the letter. He then uses his position as President of the SCLU to explain that he is in Birmingham “because injustice is here”(214). After fully explaining why he is there he builds into his support and leadership of direct action to help end discrimination. Direct action is the first step after negotiations fail to get support for a cause, mainly civil rights. A supporting example for direct action is when anti-segregation leaders were at a conference they were promised …show more content…

It starts by convincing the reader that it is just to break an unjust law particularly when moral laws conflict. He says that he used to have high hopes that white moderates would help support African Americans in the name of Patriotism.This leads to the discussion of whether or not there actions have to be condemned because the “precipitate violence. Thirdly, King becomes frustrated at white moderates for saying that eventually we will all have equal rights so we don’t have to push for …show more content…

He connected extrinsically with his audience because of his notoriety and educational experience. King graduated from Boston University with a doctorate in Theology. King’s public notoriety helped him “Change attitudes in the south”, that “benefited all Americans”(212). Thus, as a result of King persuading people he is an activist. In reality, King is a connector too because he exceptionally educated and helped to connect people of all colors together to make a more equal America. In King's letter he humbly stresses his experience as a leader in the civil rights movement as in “I have the honor of serving as the leader of the (SCLC)”(214). This is the basis for his letter that convinces the audience using “utmost

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