Rhetorical Analysis Of Mlk Letter From Birmingham Jail

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Out of the two personal appeals MLK used, I would say he mainly used pathos. This is because if you can reach the good in people you can truly move them. Dr. King realized this and often exploited it. He was a very good persuader and could twist your emotions at will. This is why his speeches were so powerful and why he’s famous. Using your emotions against your mind was one of his greatest tactics. He appeals to logic very well, however he has strings on your emotions like a puppeteer. Stupid people you can’t reason to with logic because they always will make something up that avoids the facts. For these reasons King was forced to appeal to their emotions. All his life he had to do this because he grew up in an era where having more melanin…show more content…
was a great writer who knew how to motivate you to fight for the better of the world. For the people he was speaking to it made the most sense to use pathos. He felt so strongly for his rights he was trying to activate everyone else to do the same. “I will stay in jail to the end of my days before I make a butchery of my conscience” (MLK, Letter from Birmingham jail, 281). This statement shows just how strongly he feels about is cause. MLK was born in a very tough time for blacks, however this seemed to make him stronger. He seemed to not care to get in trouble as long as he fought for the right reason. It was this persistence and relentless determination that made King go down in history, but not only was he strong willed he was also an amazing writer and speaker. He used these attributes to lead masses of people like no other before. To me MLK is amazing because how he got people to listen to him with just words, no violence, no catch or skeme, just words. This is how powerfully he appealed to a pathos type of…show more content…
This sentence can really play on your emotions. It makes you truly feel bad for all the African Americans during that time. This was a good use of a pathos appeal. Dr. King’s writings were so pure and could motivate you to help the cause. This is why things got better for his people, because of people like him. I believe the reason MLK chose to use emotional text was to let the whites feel what they feel since most of the racist whites at that time were uneducated and uncultured. By making them feel bad he could have them want to help the cause. After all the pieces of evidence I have pointed out I believe it is safe to conclude that indeed Martin Luther King Jr. appealed more to the emotional side of things. I believe it is because of this that he was so successful. This tactic worked very well since he moved people and became a national hero. MLK was a genius with how he worded everything, he could
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