What Does Madame Loisel Say That She Is A Thief

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Point - The writer uses Rhetorical questions to make the character more interesting. Evidence - This can be seen on line 188 : "What would she have thought? what would she have said...she was a thief?" Analysis - • Identify - Right off the bat, Madame Loisel depicts to us that she is an un-honest character. • Explain - Instead of concluding to her friend that her necklace is missing, Madame Loisel debates with herself to see whether she needs to break the tragic news to Madame Forestier. • Explore - Since Loisel cares more about her image than the necklace : the quotation might also suggest that she is an ungrateful friend for losing it. • Analyse - The word " thief " is effective in this sentence because it suggests that Loisel may have stolen the…show more content…
• Explain - This is because, even though her husband provided the required money to buy the dress, she was still discontented with what she had. • Explore - The money her husband lent her was quite a lot. So this quotation might also suggest her emotions towards him. This can mean that she is an emotional character. • Analyse - The word anxious here was effective because as we know , she wanted to look presentable in front of other rich people. This effective because it also teaches us in a way that she was not happy with what she had which leads on to her thinking if she was really up to the standard of a rich woman. This makes her look greedy. • Evaluate - The writer's intentions here was to tell us that Madame Loisel is a selfish character. He wanted to tell us that she did not care about the amount of money provided which means she only cared about herself and not her husband even though he wanted to go on that trip badly. This is effective to the reader because it tells us that Madame Loisel is an egregious wife. Link - the writer achieves to create an intriguing character by using a
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