Rhetorical Analysis Of Make America Great Again

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A few days ago, Trump used the chance of his inaugural address to the Congress to reiterate some important promises. He mentioned that we wanted to defeat the problem of drugs in the country and echoed the previous verbal promises of presidents, such as Ronal Reagan and Richard Nixon. His anger remained directed at hard drugs, such as heroin and never once did he mention marijuana, to the delight of many Americans. Trump promised during his speech that he will do everything in his power to slow down the drug issue and stop it altogether as part of his “Make America Great Again” vows. However, he is looking to use the traditional tactics of increasing the war on drugs through prohibition and control. The President also informed that he has instruction for the formation of a Task Force that will work to reduce the violent crimes. He also stressed that he has asked important government Departments, such as Homeland Security and the State…show more content…
For instance, the Justice Department may direct that prosecutors should always aim to obtain at least the minimum prison sentence, when pursuing drug related cases. The Obama administration abstained from using this prerogative, as it causes a strain on the budget in the long run. Trump also took part in paying lip service on the drug problem, which is a serious public health issue. He stressed that he would expand treatment options in the future, although this statement goes against his repulsion of the Affordable Care Act. The repealing of ObamaCare clearly has the potential to adversely affect a quarter million people, who are currently receiving treatment for opioid based addictions. Trump used talk on the topic of drugs and crime to support his primary stance on border control and immigration. He used a rhetoric that mixed a number of topics and presented his political agenda in a popular
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