Rhetorical Analysis Of Malcolm X's Ballot Or Bullet

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African american rights were the main concern of many people, along with government corruption and the unwillingness to help. Malcolm X was no banal man he was a extravagant civil rights speaker, he showed the truth on how coming together can put the end to African American indifference. Due to the lack of government the dichotomy between african americans and the white men was still a major problem ; as African americans needed to put and end to the separation and earn civil rights. Malcolm speaks out to all who are willing to obtain their civil rights.”In Ballot or Bullet” Malcolm X uses Anaphora, Antithesis, Ethical Appeal, Word choice, and Rhetorical question to show the lack of support from government and how coming together can help fight back. Malcolm showed through anaphora that as a whole a fresh start was not needed. The only thing that was needed was coming together as a group to engage and take action to gain negroes human rights. Not only human rights but also leading towards gaining civil rights along with it. Not having any rights before led them to believe that coming together to take action will lead to fight for what they believed. Malcolm proves that a clean slate will help them gain their civil rights, “When we begin to get in this area, we need new friends, we need allies we need to expand to a higher level- to the level of human rights.” (paraa. 33). Malcolm used these words to through power out to the people as they took over. The feeling through every

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