Rhetorical Analysis Of Malcom X

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On November 10th 1963 Malcom X ( Muslim Civil Rights Activist) delivered a speech to many African Americans attending the Northern Negro Grass Roots Conference. This speech would help in the fight for African American rights. Here Malcom X demonstrated how African Americans were being oppressed and directly exposed racism. This speech is important to history because it began to encourage people to act instead of wait. In Malcom X's speech he wants to encourage African Americans to stand up for themselves and he is also stating action needs to be taken. Malcom X claims'' Instead of airing our differences in public we need to realize we are all the same family''( Malcom x 69-70). In this section of his speech Malcom X uses pathos in an effort to open peoples eyes. He does this to try and unite African Americans and to show them who the real enemy is. Malcom X also uses Logos to help make his argument stronger. During his speech Malcom X claims'' If violence is wrong in America violence is wrong abroad... America to draft us and make us violent in defense of her''( Malcom X 108-110). Here Malcom X is demonstrating pure logic. He is telling his audience…show more content…
In his speech Malcom X mentions'' Going to get violent with Hitler and Tojo, and somebody else you don't even know?''(Malcom X 106-107) Malcom X uses a rhetorical question here to demonstrate the obvious. He is stating that it makes no sense to be upset with people on the other side of the world but not be angry with whites degrading them in America. He is trying to motivate them to take a stand for themselves. Malcom X also claims'' you came in chains like a horse or a cow or a chicken''( Malcom X 22). Malcom X uses imagery here so that people remember how unfairly they were treated and how unfairly they still are being treated. He wants them to get angry and get upset at the injustice they've tolerated for so
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