Rhetorical Analysis Of Melvin Russell

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Melvin Russell: I love being a police officer, but we need reform. Before I start to give my opinion Melvin Russell’s speech, I want to provide a foundation of why I choose Melvin Russell’s speech. My major life career goals is to become a police officer, needless to say that I stand behind in the support of police officers throughout the nations. This article is very important to me because it shows a different point of view of a controversial issue regarding police brutality. Now that I explain why I chose this speech, I want expresses my thoughts on how he went about the speech itself. I want to talk about his posturing and gestures first. With every create speech, comes great posturing and hand gesturing, Melvin Russell did a great job of establishing a good posture and amazing gesturing. He had several position changes, which were good, but I would…show more content…
He explains that we need to reform as a community not just as a police department. He gave strong statistics on crime levels to which his jurisdiction covered. As for the satisfaction in Melvin Russell’s speech, He proposed an understanding in the community towards law enforcement. He talks about how the world has made law enforcement very harsh and thick skinned. Throughout this portion of his speech, Russell has a very conversational tone of voice but yet very professional. The best part of the speech in my opinion was the visualization step. He allowed the audience to visualize what police officers do and how they react. He illustrated two arms, one very weak and another very strong. His significance for an arm was to picture the amount of physical and emotional distress law enforcement go through. He wanted the audience to look at the overused part of law enforcement. Russell transitioned to satisfying the audience with his achievements in overcoming crime in his jurisdiction and how it can be spread to other communities in
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