Importance Of Meaningual Language

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As social being, human need to interact each other. Language is the principal means of human being to communicate with each other. It is used to express our reaction to certain situations, and to reveal our thoughts, ideas, emotions and feelings. Language also plays important roles to the development of human and technological civilization. Lyons (1981:3) writes, “A language is a system of arbitrary vocal symbol by means of which social group cooperates”. Communication can be built if there is an understanding between speaker and the hearer in other word, the source person and target person. The main aim is to indicate something or some relations or even some ideas, and it can be shown or called as its meaning. In this case, meaning is important and significant. If the hearer cannot comprehend the meaning of the speaker try to reveal, the meaning won’t be delivered smoothly.
Meaning can be studied through scientific study of language called Linguistics. The branch of Linguistics which deals with meaning is called Semantics. In Semantics, meaning is divided into two parts, literal
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It is necessary to understand the process of communication to draw a borderline between literal and metaphorical language. When speakers would like to describe something about a reality or experience in the world, they start by means of cognitive process in their minds. The speakers proceed to form the proposition as concise and relevant as possible for conveying the idea. Proposition is the idea or notion about something which is going to convey. In order to communicate this proposition, they will encode it by using linguistic codes which are conventional to pair the meaning of the idea with physical forms (text, utterance). The hearers perceive the text or utterance, decode it and interpret the meaning by guessing what thought of the speakers it is most likely to convey. (Goatly,
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