Rhetorical Analysis Of Mothe Mother Tongue

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Tan ends this essay by using the appeal of pathos. When Tan was a kid, she “was ashamed of her English” (310 Tan). However, as she grows up, her mother’s english inspires her writing and leads her to find the goal of writing. As Tan discusses in her essay, “I wanted to capture what language ability tests can never reveal: her intent, her passion, her imagery, the rhythms of her speech and the nature of her thoughts” (314 Tan). To be specific, this is saying that the meaning of writing is exploring people’s internal thoughts. For Tan, writing is a method to figure out her mom’s thought and her attitude of life. This is an outstanding use of pathos because readers can recognize the change of her mom’s position to her. Her mom was a shame for her when she was a kid, but now her mom is the motivation, the center of her writing. Even there are cultural and generational gaps between Tan and her mom, Tan finally overcomes them and notices how value her mom’s thought is, which is impressing.…show more content…
Tan puts many her life experiences as evidence to persuasive readers that just because someone can’t speak perfect english doesn’t mean this person is unintelligent. In the ending, she impresses readers by pointing out her mother tongue teaches her the goal of writing which is to reach the depth of one’s heart. For readers, it is easy to feel Tan’s love and appreciation to her mom from her severe language and casual tone. As for Tan herself, a good book is the one that her mom regards as “So easy to read”(314 Tan’ mom), because she believes her mother tongue will lead her to know her mom’s world
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