Rhetorical Analysis Of Nike

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Introduction Sitting down and writing this essay, had me perplexed, I didn’t know where to begin and then I said ‘JUST DO IT’. A term that has many meanings such as motivation, energize, get in shape and work hard, and the first thing that comes to one’s mind is “Just Do It” which is what Nike stands for. The brand Nike is one of the most known brands for their slogan “Just Do It” which was coined in the year 1988. It is successfully known to all parts of the world with famous athletes associated with them to promote their products. Nike as a brand is such that is seen everywhere through advertisements or their reliable products they produce. For Nike to be well known as a company, it comes to a conclusion that they are working in a right way…show more content…
Rhetoric analysis is similar to a dialect which is intended to have an enticing or great impact on its crowd all together for an objective to be met. Compelling appeals in rhetorical analysis are known as ethos, pathos and logos. Utilizing these appeals, one can capture the audience by trying to convince them to become tied up with what they are stating.According to various scholars, the use of symbols in a rhetoric approach creates a connection with the audience (public) and business entities. In a study by (Heath 1980), he stated that the relationship between business entities and the public was called ‘’The wrangle in the market place’’. Heath also claims that the use of symbols can build up norms for facilitated aggregate activity. In a study by (Sproule 1988), it is illustrated that the focus on a rhetoric approach was more towards the use of media in a way that it was used to address a vast audience instead of persuading them. Not all rhetorical of an organizational communication have depended on mass intervened messages. The research heading of rhetorical studies of advertising appears to be immovably…show more content…
The overall community of people tend to relate to Nike as well established and a trust worthy brand. (Bedbury 2002) states in a study that “the brand idea is no longer confined just to packaged consumer products”. Many well known brands across the world holds a trademark or a signature with their entity. In terms of Nike, the ‘swoosh’ is the trademark that they use. The ‘swoosh’ used by Nike is so well established that even if it were seen with the brand ‘Nike’ written underneath it, it would automatically be associated with the brand Nike. Having a logo for an enterprise make the brand more recognized as symbols are effective with brands. The ‘swoosh’ with Nike represents three grounds to what they mainly focus on to promote which is athleticism, competition and

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