Rhetorical Analysis Of Nixon's Speech

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The Nixon presidency is one of the most unusual public offices held in the United Sates because despite his popularity with the Republicans he still resigned his post and left the public eye. Nixon's speech was emotionally charged and really showcased Nixon's public speaking talents. Nixon addressed the people in a speech on September, twenty third nineteen fifty-two when he was a senator in the state of California. Nixon had been accused of stealing money that had been gifted to him for his campaign. The speech lasted a half an hour and in this half an hour he defended himself and defended the fact that he was innocent of what he was being accused of by his opponents. In the Checkers Speech he defended himself and attacked his opponents. He also made a different appeal for the people to contact the National Republican Committee or (NRC), to keep him in the running.…show more content…
This made Nixon look more innocent and thus started to create an image of innocence. Checkers was a dog that was a gift that had been given to the Nixon children with money that was from the campaign fund. In this speech he also said that he would give everything back to the fund with the exception of the dog named Checkers. Nixon's tone was direct, confident, and at times arrogant. Nixon defends the fact that he is from a hard working family with humble origins. He went on to discuss his service and sacrifice he had during his time in the American
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