Rhetorical Analysis Of Nora Ephron's Speech

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Being a successful , director and writer, Nora Ephron, showcased her skills of being a strong author prowess in a speech read during a graduation at Wellesley College in 1996, she goes on to talk about how the real world is, and everything taught at the college isn’t necessarily facts. The purpose of her speech was to inspire the audience of women to live a little bit contrary to what they were taught and live a life they can be proud and they do not have to cater to their man’s every whim. The author’s gets her point across by using a confident tone, willing to crack jokes and have a more playful approach rather than using serious, boring, traditional methods. In her speech Nora Ephron uses comedic relief, diction, and appeals to push her point and have a playful.. Nora Ephron uses very different style tone standard speech and uses a lot of jokes to be funny and intrigue the audience. An example of this is “ It was so long ago that if you had a boy in your room, you had to leave the door open six inches, and if you closed the door you had to put a sock on the doorknob”(Ephron Pg.2). By doing, for one it breaks the ice and makes the speech less awkward, also this she makes the text more relatable and engages the audience which is the main point without doing this it would’ve been another drawn out boring speech and this is not what she …show more content…

The end goal of speech should always be to inspire/inform regardless of how it is done; as an author Nora Ephron capitalized on the very different style of writing and still got the desired effect proving that there is no set formula on how to present information, the audience just needs to be known to appeal to them. This should be the case for all times, it allows for clarity for all groups because in certain instances what may be best for one group may not be best for the

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