Rhetorical Analysis Of Old Spice

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Mohammed Shahriar
Keith Evans
English 1301
11 November, 2016

Quiz 5: Old Spice

Very few advertisement products are as memorable as a trailer for old spice called “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.” Even without the use logos, this commercial is successful due to how it masterfully utilizes ethos and pathos to make it very memorable in the eyes of the audience. An example of ethos can be seen in the very first shot of the commercial, it sets the tone for what the ideal man is supposed to look like. The speaker is a handsome, ripped, shirtless man and he compares his physique to the husbands of the wives that are watching the commercial. Old spice is a body wash and it uses this image of an ideal man to gain credibility for itself.
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First it starts of from a bathroom shower then it goes to a boat and finally to a beach by the ocean. With the exception of the bathroom shower scene, both the ocean and the beach sets a very romantic and hopeful mood. This is done so through the change of the scene form a damp shower to a clean, bright oceanic setting. The sun helps to amplify the scene at sets the tone of the setting as it brightens up the location. Also the sunny and cheery atmosphere gives a majestic feeling to the man in the location. The man then rides a white horse near the end of the commercial akin to a white knight further helping to increase his credibility. Finally the commercial ends with the classic old spice whistle which makes it easily recognizable and differentiates itself from other products
Through constant praise of the product he set insinuates that Old Spice products will make you rich, handsome, healthy, and attractive. Its greatly uses pathos and ethos to set itself up. The commercial has very little if at all uses of logos. However, it doesn't need to use any form of logos as it does such an amazing job setting itself up by using pathos and ethos. It is truly a masterpiece that captivates its audience. Even those who do not want anything to do with the product it is still entertaining due to the humor
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