Rhetorical Analysis Of Only Trump Can Trump Trump By Thomas Friedman

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In his article “Only Trump Can Trump Trump” (2016), Thomas L. Friedman argues that Donald Trump is the only one who can “trump Trump” or ruin himself. Friedman supports his position by providing evidence on the mishaps of the G.O.P and using his personal experience as credible evidence; he also utilises data that he words into a sarcastic and incendiary tone which provokes anger and irritation towards Trump and the G.O.P from his readers. Friedman wishes to influence his audience to dislike Trump and see the G.O.P as people who are infantile, hypocritical and compulsive by his flagrant diction and his excessive usage of tone; his dislike of the Republicans’ ideas and actions is made clear through his incredibly critical and sarcastic tone, he continuously devalues…show more content…
Friedman possesses an educated yet sarcastic and humorous tone, indicating that he is very well informed about politics and his fiery and blatant ridiculisation of Republicans exhibits that he primarily addresses a relatively liberal audience but also the undecided/moderate population to become more left wing, because he tries to influence the way his audience perceives the Republican party; he wants his audience to result in seeing the G.O.P as he does. I sort of agree with Friedman when he points out how hypocritical the G.O.P are but I’m not so sure I agree with his claim that only Trump can ruin himself, mostly because I didn’t really understand what he meant by that. Maybe he meant as in Trump will

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