Rhetorical Analysis Of Organic Farming

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Rhetorical Analysis: Organic Farming In his article, “Organic Farming Healthier, More Efficient than Status Quo”, Anurag Muthyam, argues organic farming is a better farming method than conventional farming. He does so by first asking the audience where their food comes from drawing their interest into the topic. Throughout the article, Muthyam tells his audience about the potential good that can arise with choosing organic farming over conventional farming. Muthyam also explains the general concept of what is organic farming in the third paragraph after hooking the audience by telling them where their food comes from and how it is produced. After introducing the concept of organic farming, the author goes on to compare and contrast organic farming versus conventional farming. At the end of the article, Muthyam ends with a call to action for his audience to choose organic farming for the future of agriculture. Anurag Muthyam asks college students to think about their future by choosing organic farming methods. Even though his appeal to pathos was decent, the lack of ethos and his inability to appeal to logos make the article unsuccessful. Muthyam appeals to pathos through the use of word choice. Throughout the article, the author uses specific words meant to withdraw interest or support from conventional farming. Muthyam uses pathos in a subtle way in paragraph three by explaining what is organic farming by using positive words that increase the value of organic farming.

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