Rhetorical Analysis Of Persuasive Advertisements

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Do you ever come to believe a certain idea after watching an advertisement, but wonder why you do? Companies have developed ways to make consumers take their side in a movement or campaign. Advertisements are used for several different reasons; to persuade you to buy a product, to spread an idea, or create awareness. They develop these persuasive advertisements through the use of rhetorical appeals: ethos, pathos, and logos. For instance, Under Armour, a well-known activewear company, spreads the idea that determination will lead to success. The credibility of real athletes, ethos, is utilized by Under Armour to create their philosophy. Pathos is used to inspire and motivate the audience with quotes, as well as promote the philosophy. Under Armour’s develops their philosophy that anything is possible through willpower and dedication using ethos and pathos.
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Written next to an image of Lindsey Vonn, an Olympic skier, it says, “I don’t give up. I get up.” There is a brief description of how her knee injury almost caused her to never be able to ski again, but she proved her doctor wrong. Lindsey Vonn didn’t give up when she was told she might never ski again; instead, she got up and kept trying. Her story appeals to ethics and reflects that anything can be done with willpower. By showing Gisele Bundchen and a quote that resembles her determination, Under Armour uses ethos. Gisele Bundchen, a Brazilian supermodel, is shown kicking a punching bag in front of a cityscape with the words “ Will beats noise.” written next to her. Gisele is working diligently to maintain her healthy body and keeps being herself despite the hateful criticism she has been getting from the media. Her will to succeed overpowered the cruel “noise”. Under Armour promotes their philosophy through the use of her experience and credibility. Misty Copeland, a professional ballerina, is a credible source from which Under Armour develops their
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