Rhetorical Analysis Of Peter Singer's 'Down On The Factory Farm'

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Rhetorical Analysis “Down on the factory farm” The last thing that comes to our mind when we order a piece of steak at a restaurant is how that animal we are about to eat was being treated while they were alive. According to author Peter Singer’s article "Down on the factory farm” he questions what happened to your dinner when it was still an animal? He argues about the use and abuse of animals raised for our consumption. In Singer’s article he states personal facts and convincing statistics to raise a legitimate argument. Peter Singer’s lead us in these issues throughout the article to point out how complex our choices of food have become. Moreover, he persuades us in many ways on how the farming …show more content…

In particular, Singer’s strengthens his credibility and uses many reputable resources and appeal to ethos throughout his piece. These includes of one of his sources, A Dutch researcher has written: ‘Veal calves suffer from the inability to do something… The food intake of veal calf takes only 20 minutes a day! Besides that, there is nothing the animal can do… One can observe teeth grinding, tail wagging tongue swaying and other stereotype behavior… Such stereotype movements can be regarded as a reaction to a lack of occupation.” In like manner adding an ethos appeals to his article. Singer also uses logos to showed his audience that he provides in his argument with his logical progression of ideas. Such as pointing out the unaware of people buying meat in the store: “In general, we are ignorant of the abuse of living creatures that lies behind the food we eat. We buy our meat and poultry in neat plastic packages. It hardly bleeds. There is no reason to associate this package with a living,

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